Palliative Care Services

What we offer

We understand the importance of providing compassionate and comprehensive care during the palliative stage of an illness. Our dedicated carers offer comfort, dignity and peace to those with life-limiting conditions, with a focus on alleviating symptoms and providing support to both our clients and their families

Symptom management

Our experienced care team works closely with healthcare professionals to provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms, ensuring the highest possible quality of life.

Personal care and comfort

From assisting with daily routines to ensuring as much comfort as possible, our carers are here to do everything they can for your loved ones.

Emotional and psychological support

Understanding the emotional challenges faced by such illnesses, our carers offer heartfelt support throughout your family's journey.

Medication management

Ensuring that medication is taken correctly and on time, our carers provide the necessary oversight and assistance.

Coordination with healthcare providers

We liaise with healthcare professionals involved in your loved ones' care to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach to their care

Support for families

Offering guidance, respite and practical support, we're here to help families navigate this challenging time with empathy and understanding.

Why choose Absolute Care for Palliative Care?

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