What our team says

Willing to help the situation

It was a refreshing change to meet up with someone that was so unphased and willing to help the situation. She told me that there was no way that she could start her shift today without making sure the company knew how amazing you were and wanting to pass on her sincere thanks.
Nuala S
Attending Officer

The Absolute Care team visiting were fantastic

I wanted to pass on praise to your team for the way they handled a situation today. As the attending OT I was very anxious that the visit went well to ensure the best outcome for the patient. The Absolute Care team visiting were fantastic, they were patient and encouraged the patient to ensure that she felt comfortable and safe with her new equipment. I can’t praise them highly enough!
Occupational Therapist

What a ‘wonderful job’

Just wanted to let you know how amazing you have been. You were caring, professional, all whilst being speedy and proficient. I couldn’t believe how great you did and what a ‘wonderful job’ you did with wife.
John S

Thank you so much for Absolute Care’s help

Thank you so much for Absolute Care’s help and support – a service he spoke very highly off before his death.

So happy with the care

I just wanted to say thank you to you all for all you do for my Mum. She thinks you are all fantastic and she is so happy with the care she is getting from you, she has added that she loves you all and appreciates everything you do for her.
Michelle T

Thanks for everything you and Absolute Care

Thanks for everything you and Absolute Care have done for me and my Mum last year, I don’t know how we would have managed without you all. Physically Mum is doing much better and that partly with thanks to the carers that you provide,
Kerry P

He now trusts the carer

My husband really wasn’t keen on having carers help him with personal care but you provided him with encouragement and protected his dignity which was so important to him. He now trusts the carer which enables me to have a much needed break.
Nida H

Thank you for the care

Thank you for the care I have been receiving for the last few months. I really didn’t want strangers/carers coming into my home – I resisted it for such a long time, Having Absolute Care visit me has worked out very well and I have met some lovely carers who I now call friends – thank you.
Anne H

So Kind and helpful

Every carer that we have met have been so kind and helpful. You have made such a difference to mine and my wife’s life, thank you.
Julian V
April 2024
+ What our team says +

We're always listening...

One of the ways we invite feedback is through our annual staff survey – we commission an independent company to provide our staff with an online questionnaire which they complete anonymously. 

We have discovered that anonymous feedback is the best way to find out what our team thinks of working for us, because they can be brutally honest without any concerns about negative consequences for themselves. We have also discovered that there are only a small percentage of home care providers in the UK that are brave enough to do this – and then publish the results! 

We’re very proud of the positive feedback we received from our latest staff survey, but pay very special attention to the critical comments of it too. Why? Because those are the ones that allow us to see where the next improvements are likely to be found. We look at these in some detail, write a report summarising our action plan, and then we implement that plan. 

We think this is only fair given the amazing work done every day by our outstanding care team.

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