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Caring for you with warmth every single day

Dementia care

Our dementia care services are built on a foundation of compassion and specialised knowledge. We offer support that goes beyond everyday needs to create a nurturing environment for every individual.

Physical disabilities care

We believe living with a physical disability shouldn’t limit your potential to lead a fulfilling and independent life. Our team is dedicated to supporting individuals to live comfortably and confidently in any way we can.

24-hour care

Enjoy peace of mind with round-the-clock support for your loved ones. Our dedicated and reliable team is on hand when you need us, offering reassurance that professional help is always at hand.

+ About us

Our purpose

Absolute Care was founded in 2012 , borne from a desire to provide outstanding quality care to people who needed help to live independently at home.

Back then it was our vision for the future – but now we are delivering on it every day in what has become one of the leading community-based, independent home care providers in the northern half of Leicestershire.

Our passion for delivering quality care services came from 20+ years experience in NHS community nursing which taught us that, if done thoughtfully, it is possible to provide excellent care and enrich people’s lives whilst still balancing the books.

So our vision has become our purpose in life, and yet we find our principles have remained the same. They guide us every day in the way we care for our clients, look after our excellent team of carers and run our company.

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Delivering the highest possible standard of care

Experience excellent personal care designed just for you at Absolute Care Agency. Our devoted team is here to provide tailored support, ensuring your well-being and comfort come first. Receive compassionate assistance that goes the extra mile because you deserve the best.
Our specialised services are delivered professionally and with compassion, ensuring tailored support for individuals with unique needs. Trust us to provide dedicated care beyond expectations, promoting well-being and confidence on your journey to better health.
We are committed to delivering heartfelt assistance designed to meet the distinct requirements of individuals impacted by ABI, placing their ease and welfare at the forefront of the recovery journey.
Explore the specialised mental health support at Absolute Care Agency, meticulously designed to nurture emotional well-being. Our compassionate services redefine caregiving, adding a personal touch to every aspect.
Explore our Reablement Services at Absolute Care Agency, where we are dedicated to helping individuals regain independence with personalised support and encouragement. Our committed team is here to assist you in achieving your goals, ensuring a seamless and confident path towards a fulfilling and active lifestyle.
Providing compassionate support during life’s final chapters, our End of Life Care services at Absolute Care Agency offer dignified and comforting assistance, ensuring your loved ones receive the utmost care and consideration in their journey’s closing moments.
Committed to offering specialised care for those with physical disabilities, Absolute Care Agency provides tailored and compassionate services to improve well-being and independence. Explore our considerate and professional support, uniquely designed to meet your individual needs and empower you to live a fulfilling life.
Our customised services reflect a steadfast commitment to providing compassionate assistance, fostering an inclusive environment that nurtures independence and well-being for individuals encountering learning challenges.
With a focus on compassion and individualised attention, we are dedicated to supporting those navigating the complexities of dementia. Our team is here to provide a secure and comforting environment, ensuring the well-being and dignity of your loved ones.
Providing unwavering and caring assistance for individuals navigating the challenges of Alzheimer’s, we create a supportive environment that promotes overall well-being throughout the entire care journey.
At Absolute Care Agency, we guarantee smooth operations by delivering crucial administrative support with precision and professionalism through our team of experts.
Embrace continuous support through our 24/7 care services, ensuring peace of mind and dedicated assistance around the clock. We are dedicated to providing attentive care, ensuring you and your loved ones peace of mind. Discover reliability and comfort with Absolute Care Agency.
Explore the reassurance and assistance our Live in Care services offer at Absolute Care Agency. Receive dedicated and compassionate support customised to your needs, ensuring a comforting presence for a life filled with independence and peace of mind.
Discover caring and personalised palliative care services at Absolute Care Agency. Our devoted team focuses on ensuring that individuals dealing with serious illnesses receive the best possible care, all within the familiarity of their homes.
Find tranquillity through our Respite Care services, providing you and your loved ones a temporary break with professional and compassionate support in a comforting setting. Rely on Absolute Care Agency for dependable respite care that prioritises your well-being.
Experience happiness in the companionship of others with our Social Outings service. Come and be a part of enjoyable gatherings designed for your enjoyment, where connections are nurtured and precious moments are crafted in a welcoming and friendly environment.
Experience the comforting embrace of companionship with our Befriending service. We offer friendly and supportive connections, fostering meaningful relationships to enrich your well-being.
Elevate your living spaces with our meticulous Cleaning & Laundry services. We take pride in ensuring a spotless environment and fresh linens, providing every detail with care and precision.
Explore our Shopping & Cooking services, where we handle the grocery runs and meal preparation with care and precision, ensuring you enjoy convenient and delightful culinary experiences tailored to your preferences.
We are committed to supporting your recovery journey by providing personalised assistance with care and expertise, aiming to enhance independence and overall well-being. Rely on us to help you achieve a fulfilling and empowered life.
Count on Absolute Care Agency for efficient and compassionate medication assistance, where our devoted service guarantees timely and reliable support in managing your medications, placing your well-being at the forefront of every dosage.
Experience excellent personal care designed just for you at Absolute Care Agency. Our devoted team is here to provide tailored support, ensuring your well-being and comfort come first. Receive compassionate assistance that goes the extra mile because you deserve the best.
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Our Professional Team

+ Our Testimonials +

Beyond Profit Margins

Absolute Care’s attitude to care delivery is not based on the profit margin – it is based on delivery of people-based care. The office is an open door policy and management can be contacted out of hours if necessary.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

Where Clients and Connections Make Work Exceptional

The clients and the relationship I have with the management, the office team and other carers – they are the best things about working at Absolute Care. I have worked in care a long time and this is the best company I have ever worked for.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

Transformative Work, Endless Opportunities

Absolute Care is a great place to work and has offered me a chance to prove myself. I have developed drastically since I began working for Absolute and can’t see myself working for anywhere else.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

Striving for Excellence in Every Way

We are a great team at Absolute Care. We constantly are updating our training and continuing to strive to be the best at what we do. Making a difference to the lives of our service users is a top priority and we are all committed to this basic value.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

Where Caring Colleagues Make Work a Joy

The best thing about working for Absolute Care is knowing that I always have someone who actually cares for me too! Carla and Wendy are so lovely and if I have something to say they’ll be there to really listen and help out.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

Where Appreciation Meets Support

I feel very appreciated within Absolute Care and have been supported 100% with my health problems. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to go into care to join the Absolute team.
Anonymous Participant
Staff Survey 2016

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Absolute Care collaborates with a number of like-minded organisations who help us to deliver exceptional care in Leicestershire

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