Carers on Camera

Some of our awesome care team kindly agreed to go on camera to say why they are working in social care and what they love about the job. Thank you to all of them for agreeing to tell their heart-warming stories. If you’d like to be notified when we publish more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel (via the icon at the top right of this page).

Team Creativity

This video was made by Clare and Kim from our hard-working care team as a surprise Christmas present. They said it was their way of saying thank you for creating such a great place to work and for giving them a chance to shine. We think they would shine anywhere, but we are so pleased with the feedback they have collected from staff and clients, that we decided it simply must go on our website. Enjoy …

What Our Team Say

Absolute Care is a family business, so we look after our care team like they are our family, then together we can look after our clients in the same way. We do this by constantly looking for opportunities to develop, educate and have fun with our team, so they can enjoy and feel proud of their work. In this way, care work can enrich their lives, the lives of their families and have a positive impact in the community where we all live and work.

We constantly invite feedback from our whole team so we can understand what they enjoy about their work, and more importantly, what they would like to see changed or improved. We know that only by constantly improving our processes, services, pay and conditions can we continue to attract and retain the best carers and deliver the outstanding-quality of care that we insist upon.

One of the ways we invite feedback is through our annual staff survey – we commission an independent company to provide our staff with an online questionnaire which they complete anonymously. We have discovered that anonymous feedback is the best way to find out what our team thinks of working for us because they can be brutally honest without any concerns about negative consequences for themselves. We have also discovered that there are only a small percentage of home care providers in the UK that are brave enough to do this – and then publish the results!

Below are some examples of the positive feedback we received from our latest staff survey. Although we are very proud of these, we pay special attention to the critical comments from the survey because they are even more precious to us.

Why? Because the critical comments are the ones that allow us to see where the next improvements are likely to be found. We look at these in some detail, we write a report summarising our action plan, and then we implement that plan. We think this is only fair given the amazing work being done every day by our outstanding care team.

Every one at Absolute Care is so helpful and I feel really appreciated. I don’t feel like just an employee I feel like part of the family.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

I feel very appreciated within Absolute Care and have been supported 100% with my health problems. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to go into care to join the Absolute team.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

Absolute Care’s attitude to care delivery is not based on the profit margin – it is based on delivery of people-based care. The office is an open door policy and management can be contacted out of hours if necessary.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

Absolute Care is a great place to work and has offered me a chance to prove myself. I have developed
drastically since I began working for Absolute and can’t see myself working for anywhere else.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

I believe and agree with Absolute Care’s approach to ensure all clients and staff are given the best
care. They are flexible around my available hours as I am a single parent. We have a great understanding
and relationship.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

The best thing about working for Absolute Care is knowing that I always have someone who actually cares for me too! Carla and Wendy are so lovely and if I have something to say they’ll be there to really listen and help out.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

The clients and the relationship I have with the management, the office team and other carers – they are the best things about working at Absolute Care. I have worked in care a long time and this is the best company I have ever worked for.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

We are a great team at Absolute Care. We constantly are updating our training and continuing to strive to be the best at what we do. Making a difference to the lives of our service users is a top priority and we are all committed to this basic value.

Staff Survey 2016: Anonymous Participant

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